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Payday Advance

Life can be quite unpredictable, and running out of money in the face of an emergency is not ideal. Seeking a payday advance is one way to bring payday a little sooner. While payday loans have been done for years in retail stores in numerous cities, a recent trend gaining in popularity is applying for a payday advance online, from the comfort of your home.

How Online Payday Advances Work

Instead of driving to your nearest payday loan center, just go to a payday loan website of your choice, fill out the application, and submit. The applications are quite simple, sometimes requiring only a few minutes. The payday loan company then searches for a lender who will loan you the money. The funds can be deposited as quickly as later that day to several days later. Some lenders will want you to fax your information directly to them, while others are satisfied if you send it to the payday loan company.

Online payday loans are short-term, meaning they will be paid back quickly. Unlike a long-term loan like one used to finance a home or automobile which are paid back over years, a payday loan is due upon the next payday, and often, the lender will automatically withdraw the principal and interest from your checking or savings account (whatever account information you provided). The amount of cash you can borrow depends on the amount you earn.

Typically, you can borrow anywhere from $100 to $1500, depending on the practices of the instant loan company.


You need to prove that you have a stable income, an active checking or savings account, and that you are of the legal age. Typically, if you meet these requirements, you should be approved.

Simply fill out an application, await the verdict on approval, and then borrow only the amount you want, if itís less than what you qualified for. Remember one of the most important requirements that will not impact whether you are qualified, but will affect your future peace of mind: have sufficient funds in your account to be withdrawn by the lender come payday.

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