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Online Payday Loans vs. Brick and Mortar Payday Loans

These days, the Internet makes virtually everything - from buying groceries to getting payday loans - faster, easier, and more convenient. You can get almost anything delivered right into your hands, often making you wonder why you ever bothered to set foot in a store in the first place. However, there are a few substantial differences between buying online and visiting a brick and mortar store. When it comes to payday loans and your unique situations, these differences are often important enough to cause you to prefer one over the other.


Perhaps one of the most important factors of using an online payday lender as opposed to visiting a payday loan facility is the level of anonymity that the Internet affords. When you visit an actual payday lender's storefront facility, you typically have to spend 15 minutes to half an hour in the building, filling out forms, getting your information verified, and talking with the tellers. If you are at all uncomfortable about getting a payday loan, or if your professional or personal status depends on giving the impression of financial infallibility, this can be a somewhat difficult situation.

Although most payday lenders are very helpful and free of judgment, you may simply be looking to complete your transaction in privacy. This is where online payday loans can become an invaluable tool.

Options and Rates

Recent state regulations also contribute to a big difference between online lenders and payday loan stores. Many U.S. states are no longer allowed to operate payday loan stores within state boundaries due to a cap on annual percentage rates. While these are meant primarily to prevent consumers from being taken advantage of, it can mean bad news for those who have come to depend on payday loans to get them through a financial crisis. In some states, you may simply not be able to find a brick and mortar payday lender, period.

Online payday loan companies are often freed from state-mandated restrictions. Because they may operate in a different state than you, you are typically able to get the loans without any problems - regardless of where you live. You also get more options in the way of rates, since you can look for lenders who operate from different states and economic markets (and therefore offer different fees).


When you are in the midst of a financial crisis, timing is everything. You never know when you'll need cash fast . it may be the middle of the night, a weekend, or simply while you cannot find the time to get in the car and drive to a payday store. Online lending gets around these issues by offering virtually unlimited access to funding. Most online payday lenders are "open" 24-7, and you can get your application filled out and processed no matter what time of the day. Although you may be required to wait until the next business day for verification of your information and the deposit of your funds, you know that the process has been started and that your money is on its way.

Making the Right Choice

Your situation - and your financial challenge - is unique to you. That's why no one can make the decision for you regarding whether or not an online payday loan company or a brick and mortar payday lender is best.

However, simply knowing that you have options can mean all the difference as you decide where to turn for help. As long as you choose a lender that is responsible, confidential, and available to offer you assistance whenever you need it, your financial solution can be as easy as the click of a button.
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