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Payday Loan Statistics

In the past 5 years, almost 6% of Americans nationwide have taken out a payday loan, according to research done by Pew Charitable Trusts. It is also striking to hear that the majority of these payday loans are used to … Continue reading

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Plan For Your Payday Loan

It is imperative that you make a sound financial plan to tackle your payday loan. Payday lending has received much bad press and continues to receive it. The truth is, payday loans offer you money at a high interest rate. … Continue reading

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Payday Lending to Boost Your Credit Score

A credit score is essentially a rating by which to judge the creditworthiness of a person. You must have a decent credit score in order to be approved for things like a bank loan, a mobile phone plan, or applying … Continue reading

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New Businesses and Merchant Accounts

As a new business owner in this fast-paced world, you may have took advantage of Instant Loans’ services by getting a loan quickly and easily. Relying on a traditional bank to get a loan takes a great deal of time … Continue reading

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Christmas Time and Financial Problems

You might be thinking to yourself, now what does Christmas time and the holiday season have to do with financial problems? It is a time for giving, receiving, happiness, and family, right? Well we will not disagree with you there … Continue reading

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Things to Know About Payday Loans

Getting a payday loan is simpler than ever before. Most companies allow those looking for a loan to complete the entire process online. There are several things to take into account when getting a payday loan which we will cover … Continue reading

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Why We Need Money Now

The most common pay period schedule is once every two weeks. Some of us get paid every week and some once a month. Some only get paid commission and payday can come at unexpected times. One thing we all have … Continue reading

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